Dog and Puppy Training for Dog Owners

Puppy training pads are used to assist dog owners in puppy potty training.

The idea is to train your puppy to do its business on the puppy training pad rather than on the floor.

This has the advantage that it protects your floor (carpets or wooden floor) against the damage that a dog mess would otherwise cause.

If you are fortunate enough to have ceramic tile floors, plan on keeping your puppy in an area where the floors won’t be damaged or keep your puppy outdoors, you would not need to use puppy training pads for floor protection.

A second benefit of using puppy training pads is that it makes cleaning up the mess so much easier.

Simply pick up the used pad and dispose of it in the trash.

Training pads for puppies need to meet a couple of requirements in order for them to be effective.

They need to be water proof in order to prevent the mess leaking through on the floor.

The more absorbent puppy pads are the less likely it is that moisture will reach the floor. Some manufacturers provide a puppy training pad holder with their puppy training pad. These holders further reduce the possibility that your floor will be damaged.


Puppy pads training is basically teaching your puppy to do his mess on the pads rather than on the floor. In order to achieve this, you need to see when your puppy starts his business on the floor, and stop them immediately with a firm NO. Then move the puppy onto the puppy pad and let them continue their business. Once they have completed their business on the pad, praise them lavishly.

This process needs to be repeated a number of times before the puppy will start understanding what is required and automatically use the puppy training pad. For more information visit and you will get more features.